On March 23 You are invited to Mutants Transmissions Live event. This event hosted by Mutant Transmissions Radio will feature Los Ageless Band Bestial Mouths, DJs Maria Kleopatra and Polina Y as well as cheap drinks at the bar . Please join us in the cafe of Villa Bota at 19:00 next Wednesday. Admission is free but capacity is limited so please come early
MT Live events is a new regular series spotlighting interesting new live music and creating a space in Brugge where people can discover new sounds and be introduced to the more interesting and innovative international touring bands in an intimate setting.
Second part of our missions is to create video and audio record to share with international music lover community including the live show and interview with each band to be uploaded to the Mutant and streamed on the MT Radio that airs every friday 6 to 8pm on

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