Belgium Decay I Belgian 80s underground

Belgium Decay 1: Mutant Transmissions Compilation of Belgian underground Music from the 80s with focus on Minimal, Synth , Post Punk, EBM, Experimental and Wave. Compilation is based on the Mutant Transmissions Radio show dedicated to Belgian underground music curated by DJ Polina Y Join us on the web or facebook 
Belgium Decay 1 – Mutant Transmissions Comp
Track List:
Front 242 – Principles
A Split Second – Body Check
Neon Judgement – Tomorrow in the papers
Kuruki – Crocodile tears
Design – Premonition
Autumn – A Night in June
Arbeid Adelt – Ik Sta Scherp
1000 OHM – Look Around
Siglo XX – Individuality
Parade Ground – Moans
Absolute Body Control – Do You Feel Inside
Linear Movement -Due to You
Nine Circles – Mercy
Poesie Noire – Deja vu
Snowy Red – Euroshima
Yvana – Allez viens

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