KALABALIK 2019 Festival Preview

Mix Tape previewing the Kalabalik Festival 2019  Based on a Mutant Transmissions Radio show that aired in July  2019

Bands Included are

Countess Malaise (IS/NL)
Dulvitund (IS)
Jemek Jemowit (DE)
Madonna + Child (IS)
Potochkine (FR)
Sólveig Matthildur (IS)
Super Besse (BY)
Volition Immanent (NL)
Bragolin (NL)
Distel (NL/CZ)
Isotropía (GE/MX)
Kantor (SE)
Leere (DE)
Majestoluxe (SE)
Minuit Machine (FR)
Romanssi (FI)
Stockhaussen (MX)
V (AU)

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