Mutant Army – Secret Subscriber Page May /June 2021

We would like to welcome all the new members and pass on huge thank you to our growing tribe members.

We just hit a huge milestone and we are very excited and grateful to our community. Our twitch channel just hit 1000 followers with reaching 2000! Holly shit guys thats so amazing. Thank you so much!

To thank you we would like to start a new tradition. Every month we will make a new secret twitch subscriber page with a new mutant transmissions compilation each month. This will be exclusive to you guys and will not be available anywhere else!

We kick this tradition off with the Mutant Transmissions compilation we released when MT was a record label. This one is an exception and is actually available as a physical CD but we think its such a great collection of music that we will make an exception this time. On this page you will find a link for the download and the track listing to this 22 track compilation of art music,

If you are a new Subscriber or were gifted a subscription and would like to continue to support mutant transmissions, get all out cool emojis + add free viewing,  and be part of any future music giveaways you can renew your subscription by going to twitch ->> click subscribe button in the top right corner and select your option 

Once again thank you so much for being part of Mutant Transmissions, your support means the world to us and allows us to keep making better and more stuff for you.

-Polina Y and CMO

You can catch us:

Mutant Transmissions show with Polina Y every other Wednesday (sounds between art weirdness, queer electronics and odd punk)

No!ze Concrete show with CMO every Saturday ( electronic Music)


01Strip Mall SeizuresPossessed
02The Dancing Did*The Rhythm Section Sticks Together
03New CollapseAm I Not
04Theatre Of IceMiron (Drop Dead Edit)
05Experimental Dental SchoolOakland Lake Legz (Got Their Way)
06Ausgang (3)Strip Me Down
07Din GloriousPanic Face
08Jean-Paul YamamotoStarbucks Hyper Bitch
09Naked On The VagueAll Aboard
10Rubella BalletArctic Flowers
11Sudden Infant Death Syndrome*6 Ft. Tall Wind-Up Doll
12SixteensClear Area
13Charles De GoalExposition
14Dandi WindScott Wood
15Night WoundsNineteen
16Marfa & Ne-AfLogs
17Medio MutanteCorre
18Naughty ZombiesI Hate You
20Yip-YipClub Mummy
21Deaf! Deaf!Loss Of Appetite
22I Can’t ReadThe Enjoyment Of Talk


Please send a message to nydecay at if you are a winer with your email address  or shipping address if you won a physical album

Petra Flurr & 89st

Monotone Zone – CD

  1. CD Vicious Panda 999
  2. CD Juls Garat
  3. CD hideousnora
  4. CD ratveniscoming
  5. CD w00000m


  1. LP Juls Garat
  2. CD gothic_gopnik
  3. CD Kolja Darksein

Tilly Electronics

  1. zlaya
  2. sabine Werner

Bestial Mouths

  1. hideousnora
  2. gothic_gopnik

Oberst Panizza

  1. gothic_gopnik
  2. chambermusic


  1. DJ Cavey Nik
  2. gothic_gopnik
  3. Industra
  4. Sabine Werner
  5. epulaesplendidae333


  1. mindcrime
  2. radio_charmser
  3. pilgrimsofyearning


  1. 1xchristonicbitte
  2. voxsinistra
  3. marble232323
  4. 7782_Mk
  5. house_of_medici
  6. sawe666
  7. gothic_gopnik
  8. hideousnora
  9. mrvinceberg


  1. hideousnora
  2. martinvanhouten
  3. gothic_gopnik
  4. 1xchristonicbitte
  5. sawe666
  6. marble232323
  7. djchatnoir
  8. zeitungeist
  9. hatemior
  10. gothgobblin
  11. dj_carcosa
  12. Zlaya
  13. mind_crime
  14. monsterqueenmatt
  15. mobilization23
  16. discod0lly
  17. simonelafontaine
  18. daliserx
  19. dj_vilkas
  20. chambermusicatgroundzero

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