Date: Friday, Jan 15, 2016  6PM – 8PM
Spotlight:David Bowie Special Show 1
First part in a series of three, dedicated to the starman David Bowie. This episode  spotlights the weirder tracks as well as other break through music from Bowies 60,s and 70,s work
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MT RADIO 11 DAVID BOWIE Special 60s-70s by Polina Y on Mixcloud

Track List:
1967 – 1969 David Bowie
1) Uncle Arthur
1969 David Bowie Space Oddity
2) Cygnet Committee
3) Memory Of A Free Festival
1971 Hunky Dory 
4) Fill Your Heart Andy Warhol
5) Life On Mars
1972 The Man Who Sold The World
6) The Man Who Sold The World
1972 The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
7) Starman
8) Suffragette City
9) Ziggy Stardust
1974 Diamond Dogs
10) We Are the Dead
11) Rebel Rebel
1975 Young Americans
12) Fame
1976 Station To Station
13) Station To Station
1977 The Little Drummer Boy
1977 Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy-Peace On Earth
14) Bing Crosby & David Bowie – The Little Drummer Boy-Peace On Earth
1977 David Bowie – Abdulmajid -15
This track is an outtake from the Berlin trilogy. When Ryko were looking for bonus tracks in the early 90s, Bowie gave them this one which was at the time untitled (neither he nor Eno could remember if it even had a title). Therefore, although written and recorded more than 10 years before he met Iman, it was not given its title (her maiden name) until after they met and fell in love.
1977 Heroes
16) Heroes
17) Moss Garden
18) Neuköln
1977 Low
19) Weeping Wall
20) Warszawa
1977 David Bowie – All Saints -21
1979 Lodger
22) African night flight
23) Boys keep swinging
24) Look back in anger
25) Repetition

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  1. So, the history of the song that started a new era in Jamaican music can be traced back to David Bowie. I m not saying this is anything more than an accident of circumstance, but I have a feeling that the more one examine s Bowie s career, the more such accidents one will find.

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