MT RADIO 30, May 27 Mutated Synths/NDW/Obscure/Rare/Lost

Air Date: Friday, May 27 , 2016 6PM – 8PM
Spotlight: Part of the May 27 Mutant Transmissions Show including some lost and obscure synth sounds from early 80s as well as early german art wave weirdness.
Track List :
Listen to the show:

Andi Arroganti – Benzin in Berlin
Bene Gesserit – Kidnapping
Dark Days – Don’t Bother
Der Plan – Zuruck in die Atmossphaere
Future Holograms – Valentine
Mr Velcro Fastener – Robots for life
XYLITOL – Ghost Office
TRISOMIE 21 – La Fête Triste

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