This is our Punk Show from November 10. This show was broadcasted on the day of the celebration of the 40 years of Punk in UK so I did this show to celebrate 20 years of punk for me (DJ Polina Y) . Included is my journey from falling in love to getting deeper to kind of gate way bands , for example you cant have Deathrock without the LA hard core skater bands like TSOL and Circle Jerks etc, then the Damned for example were a huge influence on development of goth as were UK Decay. Neo folk owes a huge debt to anarcho uk scene bands like Crass and Crisis . I did a live video for this set which over 600 people joined . Video includes my stories and what each band means to me, how i connect to them . Here is the set list  and you can also find the set and the video bellow

Set List
1. MDC – Chicken Squawk
2. Dead Kennedys – California UberAlles
3. Upright Citizens – You Make me sick
4. Plasmatics – Butcher Baby
5. The Slits – Instant Hit
6. Wayne County and the Electric Chairs – If you don’t want to fuck me
7. The Rezillos – Flying Saucer Attack
8. Germs – Lexicon Devil
9. TSOL – Code Blue
10. D.I. – Richard Hung Himself
11. The Circle Jerks – Wild in the Streets
12. Agent Orange – Living in Darkness
13. Subhumans – Mickey Mouse is Dead
14. Rudimentary Peni – Radio Schizo
15. Poison Girls – Reality Attack
16. X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents
17. Crass – Systematic Death
18. Crisis – Alienation
19. UK Decay – for my country
20. Zounds – Cant Cheat Karma
21. The Adicts – Joker in the Pack
22. The Toy Dolls – Official The Final Countdown
23. The Damned – I Just cant be happy today
24. The Clash – Radio Clash
25. Chumbawamba – Bella Ciao


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