MT Radio, Season 2 Episode 1 Oct 6, 2016

Air Date: Oct 6, 2016
Welcome to the new season of the Mutant transmissions Radio. The Show moved to Thursday 7pm – 8pm weekly and last week was our first show of the season. We kicked things off with some queer dance tracks from my Dj set at Lumiere Blue. Next up was a preview of shows and festivals coming up in Belgium like Youth Code/ Trepaneringsritualen/ Onmens show happening next night, B-Wave and Bim festivals and of course one of my favorites Waveteef Festival. After a set from the bands playing these shows and festivals we were on to a rundown of some of the best underground festivals that happened between the radio seasons namely Gothic Pogo Festival, Kalabalik, Young and Cold and Minicave-Festival. Next Of course I also did a set with bands that played those festivals. And that was the end of the first episode that ended way too fast with many things unmentioned and unplayed, but luckily this is a weekly show so we have time to catch up!

Set List Mutant Transmissions Radio Season 2, Show 1 October 6 2016
Jemek Jemowit – (Das ist) Jemek der Hit
Elliphant ft. Big Freedia – Club Now Skunk
Alo Wala – Cityboy
Vred – Cuento contigo
Vita Noctis – Serial Killer
Dear Deer – Claudine in Berlin
Twisted Nerve – Seance
Ukryte Zalety Systemu – Obcy
PAST – Pytania
YOUTH CODE – Carried Mask
Trepaneringsritualen – Black Egg
Alvar – Knuckle Duster
Kid Fourteen –  It’s A Lovely Night
Peine Perdue – Presqu’île
Luminance –  Walk
Frustration – No Trouble
Automelodi – Digresse
M!R!M – Velvet Dress
Zwarte Poëzie – Het Model
Aga Wilk – Cyber

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