MT Radio, Season 2 Episode 2 Oct 13, 2016

Air Date: Oct 13, 2016
Mutant Transmissions RADIO Season 2 Ep 2 Oct 2016 . Premiering unreleased songs from Jemek Jemowith and Alvar . Second half of the show all Belgian music.
ATTENTION MUTANTS Here is the upload of the Second show of this season. Even though there wasn’t really a theme like normal for the MT shows, Several things happened. For the first time i tried doing live video of the show at the encouragement of fellow radio host and DJ Annemarie Esser of Red Light Radio . there was some snags in the beginning like not turning on the studio sound for the first part but the music was so much fun i started to dance like crazy towards the end and it was really nice to see you commenting real time and to be able to talk to you live. All in all almost 400 people watched ! thats pretty huge for this little experiment> I think we will do more and will work out the little problems so it’s smoother next time> All the talky stuff is on the video only the mix below is just the music played. Second half is Belgian music only and first half kicked of with some exclusive unreleased tracks from Jemek Jemowit and ALVAR 2 bands i am very excited about> So this was this week October 13 and it was Hell of fun . See you next week Mutants
Set List
Jemek Jemowit – Ejakulacja to morderstwo
ALVAR – I.C.O.A.T.S.2. To Give In
Duotronic Synterror – Leben Ohne Nerven
Le Syndicate Electronique – Love Machine
Question Mark and the Mysterians – 96 Tears
ORCHIDÉE NOIRE – De vous à toi (avec Coco Gallo)
Markus Midnight – Into The Shadows
:embers: – Moeder
Kuruki – Just a cat
¡ Duflan Duflan ! – Pazuzu, le gardien de ton sexe
2 Belgen – Quand le Film Est Triste
Stromae – Tous Les Mêmes
Daan – La Crise
A Split – Second – Flesh (33 rpm)
B-Art – Baby Wants to Ride

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