MT Radio Special / Charity Event for the Dogs

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Mutant transmissions is doing a special charity event. . Its a Radio show consisting from ony your song requests and messages from you.
Concept is simple donate to any charity and you will become part of the Dec 20 Mutant Transmissions Radio Show broadcast live on 106.4 in Flanders Belgium and on the internet at Villa Bota.
For each donation 1 dollar or more you get:
– one song request
– your name read on air as we thank you
-any dedication or short message read on air ( only limitation is hate speech)
But wait!!! we are spotlighting 2 special charities that help animals. Donate to any of them and you get a X2 of all of the above (2 songs, 2 messages, 2 times your name if songs are not played in a row)
What you have to do :
1) donate to charity through facebook and send up a screen shot.
2) Send up a PM with the song request, (include a song file if possible) if its something especially difficult to find; your name , and a short dedication or message
3) Thanks it your done! Listen on December 20, 2018 for your song
Our Select Charities ( done to them and get x 2 songs etc for each donation) Pl
*** For each donation no matter what size they will thank you on their page , so please grab a screen shot of that and send it to us .
I selected these 2 charities to profile because they exactly fit into our philosophy of DIY. They are both run by families who came to Bosnia on a trip and saw animals suffering. They were upset and shocked, but what came next is beautiful, they decided to do something about it. They didn’t wait for the governments or official charities to take care of the problem as individuals they started to do what they could. They rented or bought some land, build some animal shelters and started rescuing and adopting out abandoned animals. Both Sanctuaries are run on a shoe string budget, both are actively helping street dogs and cats.
Its a hard thing they are doing but its a beautiful thing, actually and as an idea. It shines a light in the dark times. We can do something, if we dont like what we are seeing we have an opportunity to change things. In that spirit I set up this December fund raiser. This way I am too making a change where I see it is needed and not just giving in to despair. I hope you will join me.
1) Bosnian Dream Rescue Sanctuary
“Here at Bosnian Dream Rescue Sanctuary we have a small piece of land and just under 100 dogs who all await their forever homes. These dogs are all the victims of abuse, abandonment and cruelty by the people of Bosnia and have been saved from the street, horrific public shelters and bad ‘owners’. We are fortunate enough to own the land where our dogs roam free all day, and rely on our supporters only for the cost of food each month Any donations, big or small would mean so much to us.”

How to Donate:
PAYPAL – [email protected]
BANK TRANSFER – Miss Holly S Scrutton
IBAN: GB59 NWBK 600 008 397 41982
Account number: 39741982
Sort code: 60-00-08
2) DNV – let’s save street dogs and cats

“My family and I are trying to save as many animals as we can. This is the third time we are building this shelter and we need help to fence it and keep dogs as safe as we can.Safe until its their time to find a happy home somewhere in the world.We are building this secure place in a wood so they can be out of touch from people who would hurt them. We want to make the conditions that they are living in as good as possible.There is still a lot of work to do on this shelter like make a place to put food,get electricity and water there,but right now we just want to keep them safe.”

How to Donate: Paypal: [email protected]
Mutant Transmissions Radio is produced by DJ Polina Y, it is a weekly exploration into the most exciting and unusual corners of underground music. You can hear every thursday 9 – 11 pm on 106.4 and 107.9 in Flanders and online at Past shows can be fuind on . and

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