MTR Detriti and Dais Records Spotlight + More

Mutant Transmissions Radio
SET LIST Nov 22, 2018 Detriti and Dais Records Spotlight plus New tracks from Oberst-Panizza and Peine Perdue

Set List:

Oberst-Panizza – Pflanzen-Unter-Dem-Eis – unreleased trac
Peine Perdue – Ombre Trouble – from new album just out 
Detriti Records Spotlight 
Visit0r – Disseminate
Dusty Idols – Magnis Itineribus
Parole e Azioni – PEA02
Silent EM – Gris
Soft Touch – Vast
Molchat doma – Etazhi 
Words and actions – Omaggio a N 
Dais Records Spotlight 
Them Are Us Too –  Angelene
Martial Canterel – Scherzo
Merzbow Hexa – Merzhex Part 4
ADULT. – This Behavior
Youth Code – Avengement.

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