MTR Systems of Romance Special II

Mutant Transmissions Radio
Systems of Romance Special II / DJ Frankie Teardrop

Set List

A Man With a Good Car- Gang of Four
Moroccan Nights- Acute Logic
Hollow Bodies- Casino Shanghai
Kazan- His Master’s Voice
Land After Life- Cheiron
A Sudden Cold- Winter Severity Index
Les Fleurs- Oiseau De Proie
In the Fiction Press- The Trial
Never Along With You- Boxbury Beat
Identity Crisis- Nina Belief
We’ll Be the First Ones- Twelve Drummers Drumming
Sometimes I Feel- Seven Ballerinas
The First Night- Alive She Died
La Haine- Les Enfants De L’Ombre
Sick In the Garden- Some Ember
No Regrets- Actuel
The City That Sorrow Built- Sexores
Seuchtig- Christiana
Once In a While- Rosegarden Funeral Party
Demain- Zurück Placenta
Fatal Day- Teenage Brain Surgeon
Nowhere to Go- White Pain
Böse Lügen- Riki
Alone- Silently Down
Means to an End- A Blaze Colour
Sudan- Sardine V
Every Sad Night- Living Links
Oral Pleasure- 3rd Man
You Never Knew Me- Detachments

Music and stories from a very important NYC DJ Frankie Teardrop. Frankie is also behind one of our all time favorite blogs about obscure music Systems of Romance!
FRANKIE TEARDROP is known for his contributions to the dark music scene in NY for over a decade, including resident DJ status at the legendary Wierd Records. He is also the brains behind Systems of Romance, a music blog specializing in rare and out of print post-punk, synth, and coldwave music. He also has been a member of various NYC bands, recently the post-punk/dream pop The Harrow.

MTR is broadcast Thursdays 8-10 pm
Radio Feed: Flanders 106.4 FM / online
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