MUTANT TRANSMISSIONS LIVE! October 29 2017 with Zwarte Poëzie/Pia Fraus/ DJs

The Proper Halloween Party with Bands, DJs, Monsters, haunted house, sweets, sours, bitters and loads and loads of Mutants
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Bands Playing:
PIA FRAUS <BE>- Reunion!
Zwarte Poëzie <NL> – First time in Brugge!
Dance Party after the Bands with DJs:
DJ Polina Y <NY/Berlin>(Mutant Transmissions Recods/Drop Dead Festival)
Reverend Annemarie Esser <Utrecht, NL>< The Lick, Manifest, Red Light Radio)
Carl ClanDestine <Glasgow, SCT> (Clan Destine Records)
Mat Zwart (BE) ( Waveteef Festival, De Blinden Records)
Maria Kleopatra <Brugge, BE>
Vending Stals from Die Blinden Records, Clan Destine Records, Mutant Transmissions Records + more

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