Mutant Transmissions May 23/19 New and Unreleased Music!

Mutant Transmissions Radio May 23.19 with DJ Polina Y featuring unreleased and new tracks! 

Set List:

UVB 76 – Shred

Romance Disaster – Take of your past // Unreleased

Konstantin Unwohl – Ein gewitter zieht auf // Unreleased

Le Prince Harry – Part of it //NEW

Ferdinand Cärclash – Nocturnal Echos // Unreleased

Half A Twin – RubbeldieKatz

Oberst Panizza – Qui Croire // Unreleased

Nao Katafuchi – Resist GotSuppressed // Unreleased

Madmoizel – This is Love // Unreleased

Kompromat -Einfach Da Sein //NEW

Neuer Deutscher Wille // Unreleased

Potochkine – Destruction //NEW

Shortparis  – Страшно //NEW

Xeno & Oaklander  – Athena //NEW

Novosti Kulturi – Joy nk demo // Unreleased

Automelodi – Mirages au futur verre brisé //NEW

Oberst Panizza – Im-kalten-See // Unreleased

Adult – Coming Apart //NEW

VR Sex – Maiden China //NEW
Kap Bambino – Erase //NEW

Vox Low – Something is Wrong

Agent Side Grinder – Stripdown

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