Mutant Transmissions Radio New . and News Nov 15

Part one of the Nov 15 Mutant Transmissions Radio Show focusing on New/News
– Fantastique nights in Brussels have been inviting a lot of great bands including Lebanon Hanover recently, The Names this weekend, and soon a show I am Djng ADULT. You can hear songs from all three bands in this show. As a special treat the Adult song Perversions of  Human Kind is from the brand new album which is excellent.
– I also played songs from long awaited albums that were just released from Low Sea, Gertrud Stein Dead Can Dance , Werner Karloff and SRSQ.
– Metropolis Records just released a cover compilation dedicated to Cabaret Voltaire. I played 2 tracks from that PulseWidthMod & Databomb covered the song “The Web” and SØLVE covering “Blue Heat”
– Finally I included a brand new tropicalia electro fusion song from Palenke Soultribe “ El Retorno”, a just released single from a>m called A Fascist Can’t Dance and a song from Boy Harsher “Face the Fire “ from the upcoming album.

Set List
Boy Harsher – Face the Fire
Lebanon Hanover – Gallowdance
ADULT- Perversions of Humankind
Palenke Soultribe – El Retorno
Dead Can Dance – ACT II – The Mountain
The Names – Nightshift
SRSQ – Permission
Low Sea – Turn Away
Low Sea – All That Fall
Werner Karloff – Information
Gertrud Stein – Wires and Lights
Why Kill Time Cabaret Voltaire Tribute – PulseWidthMod & Databomb – The Web.
Why Kill Time Cabaret Voltaire Tribute- SØLVE – Blue Heat45
a>m – A Fascist Can’t Dance

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