MUtaNt TrANSmissions Radio New + Best !!!

Mutant Transmissions Radio Season 3 Epizode1!  Broadcast on October 25, 2018 in Flanders Belgium on 106.4 and 107.9 FM and on the internet at


Part one: New NEW new
-Endlose Emotion -Scherbenwelt unreleased song for Maria
-Vanligt Folk – Grisebassen (Hambo)
-Alvar -Steelwerks -From new album – I Sew A Blanket Of All The Broken Clouds – Oct 15, 2018
-Adam Tristar – Mind Games -from the album The Red Pill /April 7, 2018
-Living temples – there’s nothing for you there (From the new album – Against the Day (released Sept. 29th)
-Madmoizel – You play bizarre – From the new album – Play Bizarre /September 29, 2018
-The Stave Church – Forever – new track
-Bootblacks – Sudden Moves -new album Part Time Punks // Narrowed/October 6, 2018
-1000 Ohm Look Around – new album/collected works coming out soon
Part two: Our Best Track of all time choices
Kino – Gruppa Krovi
November Növelet – misanthropy
Nero’s Day At Disneyland – Lost In Bonerlan
The Phantom Limbs Hot_Knives_and Hornets
Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice
Swans – Amnesia
Fad Gadget-Saturday Night special
Death in June – Giddy giddy carousel

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