Mutant Transmissions Radio S3 E5 with DJ Polina Y MIXTAPE

Fifth Show of the Season 3 of Mutant Transmissions Radio with a stroll through French and German electro, swedish EBM, Russian and Polish post punk , Spanish and Scottish minimal wave , Belgian and Peruvian punk and much more (thank you for the pic Sasha Magenta)
1) Droserae – Chaque Chose (FR)
2) ALVAR – Patricide (SE)
3) Pia Fraus Couleur Locale (BE)
4) Super Girl Romantic Boys – Klub SS (PL)
5) Basta – Abortus Vrij_ De Vrouw Beslist (BE)
6) Sturm Café Rock Und Bewegung (SW)
7) Los Saicos – Demolicion (PER)
8) Werther Effekt – Guerrier Soviétique (DE)
9) Khima France – Interbootslipstick (FR)
10) November Növelet The World In Devotion (DE)
11) Fad Gadget – Insecticide (UK)
12) Vred – Sin razón (SP)
13) The Mobiles – Drowning In Berlin (UK)
14) Aga Wilk – Cyber (DE)
15) She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart (USA)
16) Soft Riot – The Eyes On The Walls (SCT)
17) Кино – Закрой за мной дверь, я ухожу (RU)

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