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Show 1 Welcome to Mutant Transmissions
Date: Wednesday, Oct 7 10 PM – 1am
Spotlight:  Mutant Wave and Mutant Transmissions history
Listen to the promo mix:

Mutant Transmissions Radio Show 2. by Polina Y on Mixcloud

Part 1: Introduction and MT Comp  Radioactive Decay (2007)
Din Glorious, Yip-Yip, Nero’s Day at Disneyland, Jarvic 7, Autonervous, Channels 3×4, Confussional Quartet, Duchess Says, Einstürzende Neubauten, Namosh, Noise Trade Company, Organ, Strip Mall Seizures, New Collapse, Naked on the Vague, Medio Mutante, Theatre of Ice, The Dancing Did
Part 2: Flashback to the new sounds of 2008 and 2009
Noblesse Oblige, Ratatat, Micachu, Lemonade, Love is All, SSION, Schwefelgelb, Playdoe, Dat Politics, Le Corps Mince de Francoise, Die Antwoord, Major Lazer, Kap Bambino Cold Cave
Part 3
Trust, Light Asylum, Tearist, Devo, Defuser, Chemicals made from Dirt, Fad Gadget,  Stereo Total, Matrix,  Sewn Leather, Ceramic Hello, Wirtschaftswunder, Spöön Fazer, Ubuhuha2, Dandi Wind
Part 4; Warm Leatherette Mutations
Laibach, Chicks on SPeed, Vitalic, Deathface, The Normal, J.G. Thirwell

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