Mutant Transmissions Radio Valentine: Open Studio Project with Too Many Creeps

Mutant Transmissions Radio Valentines Day with Too Many Creeps and DJ Polina Y We wanted to play music that evokes all different emotions on this designated day of lovers. Important point for us is one should not be obliged by propaganda to do or feel a certain way on this day. But we wanted to invite you on a date with us at the radio station where we all can share it with great music and debauchery.

Set List:

Too Many Creeps

idles: Love Song

Cambriolage: Je t’aime

Cha cha guitri: Monsieur madame

The Flowers: After dark

Mane: The Cage

French Vanilla: Evolution of a friendship

SNEAKS: Tough Luck

Second still: Try Not To Hide

DJ Polina Y – Mutant Transmissions

Mona Mur – Eintagsfliegen

Kas product – So young, but so cold

Scream Club Fine as Fuck

Fagget Fairys – Feed The Horse

Furfriend – Touch Myself

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Kap Bambino – red sign

Adult.-glue your eyelids together

Yello – i love you

Too Many Creeps

:Codes: Time Goes By

Adam Tristar: Hate close to Love

Selofan: Love is a mental suicide

werther effect: Amantes do Cortejo Fúnebre

isitropia: Personality Disorder

velvet vega: Alone

night haze: You Can’t Reach Me

minuit machine: Blck Is My Anger

Tempers: Hell Hotline

DJ Polina Y – Mutant Transmissions


Les Georges Leningrad – nebraska’s valentine

Simon Bookish – handsome girls


Ministry – The Nature of Love

UBahn X- Young Hearts of Europe

Too Many Creeps

Hante. : Empty Space

SRSQ : Only One

DJ Polina Y – Mutant Transmissions

Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)

INXS – – Need You Tonight

Breaking Glass Will You

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