Mutant Transmissions vs GOTHIC POGO

Mutant Transmissions vs GOTHIC POGO Festival 2018 DJ SET Selections (DJ Polina Y)

Selections from the DJ Set of Polina Y /Mutant Transmissions Floor of the Gothic Pogo Festival 2018 . Part one from an earlier Synthy Set , part two from a late electro set
Set Part 1
Bragolin-I Saw Nothing Good So I Left
Potochkine Charivari Furieux
Staatseinde – Ruimtevaart Vooruit Rude
Super Girl Romantic Boys – Klub SS
Werner Karloff – Dreiecke und Quadrate
Crash Course in Science It Cost’s To Be Austere
Werther Effekt – Guerrier Soviétique
Set Part 2
Acid Arab – Le Disco
Popsimonova – Drive
Le Syndicat Electronique — En Partance
Kap bambino & Khima France (Derexdeath)
La Femme Sur La Planche
Knothole – Action On Display

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