MUTANT Transmissions WAVETEEF 2018 Bands with Leather Ladder and Werther Effekt New ExCLUSIVE songs

Preview of all the bands playing Waveteef Festival 2018!
Set List:
Werther Effekt – Anomalia1. Bounce ******EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK
Leather Ladder – Liebe Leidet
Super Girl Romantic Boys – Klub SS
Circa Tapes – Disco Kerosene
Raderkraft – Keine Richtung
Leather Ladder – Halt mich fest ******EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK
Luminance – What They See
Pure Ground – After The Fall
Werther Effekt – Guerrier Soviétique
Circa Tapes – Adam and Eve
Luminance – No Second Act
Super Girl Romantic Boys – Spokój
Tango Mangalore – Mort Marin ✞
Blind Delon – Edouard

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