MTR Systems of Romance Special II

Mutant Transmissions RadioSystems of Romance Special II / DJ Frankie Set List A Man With a Good Car- Gang of FourMoroccan Nights- Acute LogicHollow Bodies- Casino ShanghaiKazan- His Master’s VoiceLand After Life- CheironA Sudden Cold- Winter Severity IndexLes Fleurs- Oiseau De ProieIn the Fiction Press- The TrialNever Along With… Continue reading

MTR S5E10 Broken Wing Seasons DJ MANGE (CT/USA)

DJ Mange

Mutant Transmissions Radio S5E10Broken Wing Sessionswith DJ Mange (CT/ USA)Old school Deathock/Goth/Horror Punk Set Set List: Gypsy Priest – Can’t WalkCruz de Navajas – PrioridadObsidian – Nondisclosure1919 – Cry WolfDiavol Strain – FuriaThe Wraith  – Barbed Wire SomberLos Carniceros Del Norte – Las Tres Caras Del MiedoX-Mal Deutschland – Incubus… Continue reading

MTR S5E9 Broken Wing Sessions: Systems of Romance // Frankie Teardrop PART I

systems of romance 2

MT Radio S5E9 : Broken Wing SessionsSystems of Romance Part I / DJ Frankie Teardrop Music and stories from a very important NYC DJ Frankie Teardrop. Frankie is also behind one of our all time favorite blogs about obscure music Systems of Romance!FRANKIE TEARDROP is known for his contributions to… Continue reading