MTR S5E10 Broken Wing Seasons DJ MANGE (CT/USA)

Mutant Transmissions Radio S5E10
Broken Wing Sessions
with DJ Mange (CT/ USA)
Old school Deathock/Goth/Horror Punk Set

Set List:

Gypsy Priest – Can’t Walk
Cruz de Navajas – Prioridad
Obsidian – Nondisclosure
1919 – Cry Wolf
Diavol Strain – Furia
The Wraith  – Barbed Wire Somber
Los Carniceros Del Norte – Las Tres Caras Del Miedo
X-Mal Deutschland – Incubus Succubus II
Radio Scarlet – All The Dirty Faces
Bat Noveau – Dust
Then Comes Silence – She loves The Night
Madre del Vizio – Madre
Korbak – Crows Feeding
Actifed – Crows FeedingGuilty Strangers – Black Magic Trouble
Pawns – Shadows of Hiroshima
Christian Death – Skeleton Kiss
Funeral Crashers – Uninvited Guest
ChaosZ – In Gefahr
Tragic Black – Surreal Catharsis
Drezden- Traitors
Theatre of Hate – Legion
Deathcharge – Newest Dark Age
Lost Tribe – Winter
Maask – The Watch
Spectres – Time Is Out
Missing – Nonplussed
TSOL – Silent Scream
Nox Novacula – Hitchhiker
Samhain – Unholy Passion
Cinema Strange – Aboriginal Anemia

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